GoFax Corporate Health Check Guide for Fax & SMS

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GoFax Corporate Health Check

Are you experiencing:

High delivery failure rate
High delivery failure rate
Excess charges
Excess charges
Redirected to overseas sales & support centres
Redirected to overseas sales & support centres

Reduce significant costs and increase productivity

Cloud-based fax & SMS solution without the need for any physical fax machines or servers to manage and maintain. Reduce your organisation’s IT overheads.


Enhance reliability with minimum downtime

Business grade infrastructure offering outstanding uptime and reliability across our multi-site redundancy network.


Improve security and compliance

Best-in-class security encryption including true data sovereignty. Meet strict compliance standards across industries (HIPAA, HITECH & more).


Rapid deployment for high scalability

Scale at any size, with cloud-based services allowing for fast and simple deployments of sites and departments as needed.

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