Modernise & secure faxing processes across your entire organisation

Australia’s #1 cloud-based faxing solution, designed to give you complete visibility and control over your organisation’s fax management.

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Trusted by over 10,000+ customers across Australia

Gofax Corporate

Gofax Corporate

Gofax Corporate

Gofax Corporate



Powerful, versatile and scalable cloud-based faxing solutions.

Gofax Corporate Features iconReduce significant costs and increase productivity

Cloud-based faxing solution without the need for any physical fax machines or servers to manage and maintain. Reduce your organisations IT overheads.

Gofax Corporate Features iconEnhance reliability with minimum downtime

Business grade infrastructure offering outstanding uptime and reliability across our multi-site redundancy network.

Gofax Corporate Features iconImprove security & compliance

Best-in-class security encryption including true data sovereignty. Meet strict compliance standards across industries (HIPAA, HITECH & more).

Gofax Corporate Features iconRapid deployment for high scalability

Scale at any size, with cloud-based services allowing for fast and simple deployments of sites and departments as needed.

Star Health Group’s projected savings were being actively realised within three months of switching to GoFax Corporate.

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Reduced patient
quarantine times

24 hours

Saved the
organisation over

$15,000 annually
  • Improved automated workflows and processes
  • Reduced print consumables, document storage & destruction costs

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Save time on manual processes, improve communications efficiencies in the workplace.

Gofax Corporate Features iconLive send queues

Access live send queues to view and manage your organisation’s entire fax send and receive activity.

Gofax Corporate Features iconReporting

Complete visibility across your organisation’s fax communications. Automated monthly reports, departmental reporting and more.

Gofax Corporate Features iconPort existing fax numbers

Port any existing fax numbers to us. Redirect your incoming faxes with a temporary number, with no downtime during transition.

Gofax Corporate Features iconFax broadcast

Send multiple faxes to an unlimited number of recipients, all at the same time. Useful for sending rosters or fax broadcasts for marketing purposes.

Gofax Corporate Features iconSend high quality fax

Need to send a high resolution fax? Any fax transmissions through the GoFax platform can be sent as high quality.

Gofax Corporate Features iconDynamic cover sheets

Have the option to add a dynamic cover sheet each time you send a fax. Customise the cover sheet with any details you need.

Gofax Corporate Features iconFax scheduling

Schedule faxes to be sent later at a more convenient time or send them immediately.

Gofax Corporate Features icon100% NBN compatible

Our cloud-based faxing platform is 100% NBN ready, ensuring your organisation can continue to send & receive faxes without disruption.

Gofax Corporate Features iconInternational fax sending & receiving

Send & receive faxes internationally across our global carrier network to over 240 destinations.

Gofax Corporate Features iconCompatible with 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers

Send & receive faxes to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers or assign a 13, 1300 and 1800 number to your organisation.



Keeping fax data safe with advanced security measures, compliance & government accreditation.

IP restricted access

Restricts fax sending capability to chosen IP addresses. Ensure only internal employees have access to transmit fax documents through GoFax Corporate.

Auto Delete

Option to auto-delete sent & received faxes. Fax transmissions will still be recorded, but data will be auto-deleted from GoFax servers as soon as it’s been successfully delivered or received.

True Data sovereignty

Ensure your fax data never leaves the country of origin. With all GoFax databases and infrastructure located within Australia, when using the true data sovereignty option, your data won’t leave the country or be subject to foreign laws.

Data storage & audit trail

All faxes are stored on the cloud via AES 256bit encryption, providing a comprehensive downloadable history and audit trail to align with security and compliance across industry standards.

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The safest way to transmit and receive fax, through cloud-based technology.

Our online fax platform uses 256-bit encryption, which is the same encryption used by government agencies, security software, and other industries where security is of the utmost importance.

of business

saw an improvement in security after switching to cloud-based technology

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say the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements



Conveniently send & receive faxes through multiple channels.

Online User Portal

Send, receive and manage fax & SMS through the highly secure, GoFax online portal, accessible via any web-browser.

Online user portal

Gofax Mobile App

View, send and receive fax & SMS on the move using your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Online user portal

Integrate with Email

Use your existing email account to send and receive fax & SMS. Compatible with email clients including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and more.

Online user portal

API Integration

Advanced fax and SMS API allows organisations to integrate powerful fax & SMS features into existing software.

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How much does it cost to send a fax with GoFax Corporate?

GoFax Corporate pricing is tailored to your company’s needs. You’ll be charged on a post-paid basis determined by the volume of faxes you send and receive each month.

Is GoFax Corporate HIPAA compliant?

Yes! GoFax Corporate has been HIPAA compliant since 2020. We take compliance seriously and always maintain the highest level of security across our organisation.

Can I port my fax number to GoFax Corporate?

Yes. GoFax Corporate allows for an unlimited amount of existing fax numbers to be ported to our service. Especially useful for large corporations and organisations that have multiple sites and branches.

Does GoFax Corporate offer a fax API integration?

Yes. You can integrate GoFax Corporate’s virtual fax & SMS functionality with your existing software and systems. Need a tailored solution? Get in touch with our sales team today on 1300 928 872. Our development team is happy to work with you to ensure a smooth implementation and integration of GoFax Corporate into your business communications workflows.

Best-in-class, Fax & SMS Platform for Corporate

GoFax Corporate offers exclusive and highly competitive pricing for corporate customers. Accounts are setup on post-paid billing, with invoices based on monthly usage.