Powerful business-grade SMS solutions to instantly connect with customers & staff

Integrate SMS into existing organisational workflows to improve customer engagement, drive communication & accelerate business growth.

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Effective SMS communications. Delivered in real-time

Gofax Corporate Features iconExtreme flexibility & functionality

Packed with features for easy integration with your current business workflows and processes.

Gofax Corporate Features iconSimplify internal communications

Instantly reach employees and team members with SMS notifications, roster scheduling, SMS updates, alerts & more.

Gofax Corporate Features iconMaximise revenue & sales

Use SMS to reduce costs due to missed appointments and no-shows. Follow up customers and clients with automated reminders & alerts.

Gofax Corporate Features iconRapid deployment for high scalability

Scale at any size, with online SMS services allowing for fast and simple deployments when you need it.

After implementing an SMS appointment reminder and confirmation service within their organisation, our radiology client was able to save thousands every month.

Decreased loss of revenue of up to


within the first 90 days

  • Increased customer satisfaction and experience 
with the clinic
  • Improved workplace processes and reduced staff
time & labour following up with patients

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Proven results to maximise your reach & improve visibility across your entire organisation.


open rate

People are


more likely to reply to an SMS
than an email


of Australians find SMS reminders
and booking confirmations useful



SMS Features to Enhance Your Organisation’s Communication

Gofax Corporate Features icon2-way SMS

Make sending multiple messages easy with SMS broadcast. Easily upload a list of contacts through CSV and send SMS messages to large audiences.

Gofax Corporate Features iconBulk SMS broadcast

Make sending multiple messages easy with SMS broadcast. Easily upload a list of contacts through CSV and send SMS messages to large audiences.

Gofax Corporate Features iconDynamic SMS Fields

Personalise your SMS sends to your customers, clients and staff by inserting dynamic fields including first name, last name, company & more.

Gofax Corporate Features iconGlobal Coverage

Easily send SMS worldwide with GoFax’s global carrier network, with SMS coverage in over 50 countries including Australia, New Zealand & more.

Gofax Corporate Features iconSMS templates

Save SMS templates online to easily access, manage and send a regular SMS to a list of contacts.

Gofax Corporate Features iconFree inbound replies

Receive replies from your customers, clients & staff via our free shared number. Replies will be received for up to 48 hours after the SMS has been delivered.

Gofax Corporate Features iconLive send queues

Access live send queues in to view and manage your organisation’s entire SMS send and receive activity in real-time.

Gofax Corporate Features iconDedicated virtual mobile number

Get a dedicated virtual SMS mobile number applied to your account as an added feature, allowing you to use a Sender ID for SMS broadcast and responses.



Conveniently send & receive SMS through multiple channels.

Online User Portal

Send, receive and manage fax & SMS through the highly secure, GoFax online portal, accessible via any web-browser.

Online user portal

Gofax Mobile App

View, send and receive fax & SMS on the move using your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Online user portal

Integrate with Email

Use your existing email account to send and receive fax & SMS. Compatible with email clients including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail and more.

Online user portal

API Integration

Advanced fax and SMS API allows organisations to integrate powerful fax & SMS features into existing software.

Online user portal



Keeping data safe with advanced security measures, compliance & government accreditation.

True Data Sovereignty

Ensure your critical data never leaves the country of origin. With all GoFax databases and infrastructure located within Australia, when using the true data sovereignty option, your data won’t leave the country or be subject to foreign laws.

Lifetime Data Storage & Audit Trail

All SMS text messages are stored on the cloud via AES 256bit encryption with lifetime storage, providing a comprehensive downloadable history and audit trail to align with security and compliance across industry standards.

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How much does it cost to send an SMS with GoFax Corporate?

A member of our sales team will tailor an SMS price to suit your needs. As a GoFax Corporate customer, you will be on a post-paid billing plan. This means you will be billed at the end of the month according to the volume of fax and SMS you send. You can find out more about SMS pricing by getting in touch with one of our friendly sales team members on 1300 928 872.

How can I send an SMS from my company’s name?

In the ‘Sender ID/Virtual Number’ field, you can type in the name of your company which will allow you to send SMS using your company’s name. Please note: you will not be able to receive SMS replies if you change the Sender ID/Virtual Number to be from your company.

How long can an SMS message be?

One SMS part is 160 characters. Characters includes the spaces in-between words. If you go over 160 characters, you will be charged accordingly.

How many contacts can I send an SMS to?

As many as you’d like! There is no limit the amount of numbers you can send an SMS text message to. GoFax Corporate’s SMS broadcast feature allows you to scale your SMS sending to your organisation’s requirements.

Will I be able to receive SMS replies?

Yes. You can receive SMS replies for free up to 48 hours through a shared GoFax virtual mobile number. As a GoFax Corporate customer, you can also purchase a dedicated virtual mobile number at a discount. Get in touch with our sales team today on 1300 928 872 to find out more.

Best-in-class, Fax & SMS Platform for Corporate

GoFax Corporate offers exclusive and highly competitive pricing for corporate customers. Accounts are setup on post-paid billing, with invoices based on monthly usage.